Teaching Assistant – Cardiff

Basic Job Overview

> Teaching Assistant – Cardiff<
> Cardiff <
> Job Type: Full Time / Contract <
> Salary: £76 – £80/day <


1:1 Educational Adventure Awaits in Cardiff!

Position: 1:1 Teaching Assistant
Location: Cardiff
Age Group: Key Stage 2
Your Mission:

As a teaching sidekick, you'll be taking on a heroic 1:1 role, working closely with a fantastic young learner in KS2 with a Statement of Additional Learning Needs. Picture yourself as the guide in their educational adventure, helping them conquer challenges, unlocking their potential, and making learning an unforgettable experience!

Your Superpowers:

Patience: Your superhuman patience will help you navigate the ups and downs of the learning journey.
Creativity: Bring the magic to the classroom with your imaginative and innovative teaching techniques.
Empathy: Tune into the unique needs of your learner, making them feel seen, heard, and valued.
Energy: Keep the excitement alive and create an environment where curiosity thrives.
Essential Tools for the Adventure:

Enhanced DBS: Your key to unlocking the doors of education safety.
EWC Registration: The badge of honour for all education superheroes.
Perks of Joining Our Squad:

Competitive salary: Because superheroes deserve the best rewards!
Professional development opportunities: Upgrade your skills and climb the career ladder.
Fun, supportive team: Join a crew that celebrates victories big and small.
Make a difference: Be the hero in a child's story, shaping their future with every lesson.
How to Apply:

Ready to be a part of this extraordinary adventure? Send your CV to , or call our dedicated team on . Tell us your origin story and why you're the perfect hero for this role

To apply for this job please visit www.cv-library.co.uk.